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13th July 2012, 20:36
Lately alot of people have been coming on this server thinking they are the all that and admins. They took stuff and cussed alot.

13th July 2012, 21:30
Cold_fear also griefed that coal tower near spawn, did excessive pvp and all listed above so you can already ban him + his friends were saying from 1 to 1 min that they will shut down the server or something like that which i think it caused stress to some people....so you can go directly into banning (forgot to get his IP tho :dodgy: )

13th July 2012, 23:13


2012-07-13 14:25:10 [INFO] [Seasons|SS] Mophead_LNDN: death to the niggers

Would you be so kind as to them both on username + IP from all our servers?

16th July 2012, 07:59
Okay its on towny though.

16th July 2012, 08:11
If you get banned on one server, you get banned on all our servers.