View Full Version : JustKeep5po0king Language. Ban Request

15th October 2017, 04:49
Please be aware that JustKeep5po0king repeatedly used the n and f word without provocation, both before and after being told to stop. 10/14/17, around 7:47 west coast USA

15th October 2017, 05:01
He has now apologized, I leave the decision to you admins now, I do not feel like he means the apology tho. Delv1n his friend has done nothing but try and shut him up and should not be subject to any consequences.
Edit: he has continued playing for several hours with no more issues. if he doesnt act out again I would recommend not banning him.

2nd November 2017, 01:25
Thank you for your report. In the future please report the incidences and let us take care of making a verdict ;)

JustKeep5p0oking has been jailed. The evidence is posted in the warned players and banlist thread.