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30th November 2017, 20:32
I was banished yesterday because

KrasserKevinhd is an old account of zEmTroX. Both accounts are prohibited. HDF = "Shut up". The player has several rules, including the abuses, the cursing, the spamming and is suspected to break further rules.

I am very sorry, because it has slipped me out and I apologize. I miss the server because I already miss it on the server

Kriterie has also offended

that I can speak your english.


30th November 2017, 23:24
You were speaking English just fine when you were insulting other players in the chat.

1st December 2017, 15:07
[QUOTE = Jiro_89; 19512] Du hast gut Englisch gesprochen, als du andere Spieler im Chat beleidigt hast. [/ QUOTE]

Google translator

1st December 2017, 17:39
I do not want to be permanently banned from the server, please. Could not I go to the jail for a few hours? After all, it was just an insult.

1st December 2017, 21:34
After all, it was just an insult.

This is the problem. You simply don't care. People of all ages play on our servers and you're running your mouth at them making them feel unwelcome.

Here's the deal. Within the first hour of you being on the server, you were given an official warning for breaking rules. When you're given a warning any infraction that follows is grounds for an immediate ban, no question. Following the warning you put up a minecraft sign right away criticizing the admin that administered the warning. Could we have taken action at that point? Yes. But I opted to observe you and give you a chance.

Well guess what? You brought in an alternate account and started breaking rules left and right because you thought you could get away with it. You pretended the account wasn't yours so you could do and say whatever you liked. When you were inevitably banned you came on the forums and basically said "what's the big deal". You don't seem to grasp that you're affecting other people.

I was on the dynmap the entire time this incident unfolded because I wasn't able to get on minecraft at the time. You had half a dozen people up in arms over your comments and the folks on the server were telling new players joining to come back later because of your behavior. Now you tell me, why would I let someone like that back onto the HappyDiggers servers?

12th December 2017, 13:16
Well it has been 12 days since my last post. EmTroX has had ample opportunity to reply and doesn't seem willing. Perhaps EmTroX has more in common with Deutschwarze than he'd like to admit.

The player and his alternate account are permanently banned.