View Full Version : Unban

16th December 2017, 17:44
I would like to request an unban
i had raid in the past and a teammate had wiped somebody
and i had a fight with a mod but i regret it and would like to resuest an unban i would like to
play on your abetation server and i will play passively ( i will never do it again just want to play with a friend)
i hope i have another chance (gamerstieno1)

16th December 2017, 20:14
You must be insane if you think we're going to let you play here again. You've broken tons of rules. Attacked the server publicly. Attacked moderators on the forums publicly. No. You're never coming back here.

18th December 2017, 09:28
A moment of silence please.

The hard part is over. Nothing left but the crying now. Son of diddly.