View Full Version : current login time bug

22nd December 2017, 21:33
it's stuck at
current login time = not online

23rd December 2017, 08:34
We're looking into this.

23rd December 2017, 12:37
We're looking into this.

it's fixed

but is there a way to add time to my total lifetime on the server
because i played alot and died alot lol but for reall is there a posible way

24th December 2017, 09:21
The issue seems to have been resolved. We can't add time to people's accrued ontime without some sort of evidence of play time though. Unless you recorded your play sessions with times and dates included that may not be something we can immediately do as your lost on time can't be verified without combing through prism records. I don't have the time to do something like that at this moment, perhaps another staff member can look into this? Either way, by the time we get any results from such an extensive search you may have already accrued the time necessary to start a town.

24th December 2017, 09:52
The problem is resolved already. Maxrex100 reached the required ontime and started their own town yesterday.