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9th February 2018, 23:31
Hello. I'll try not to ramble too much. It's been a few months since I've last played on the server. I my interest in the game slowly died down until it reached zero and I haven't logged in since. Tonight happened to be a nostalgic evening when I looked through some old screenshots and decided to log back in to see how my old town was doing. I was surprised to find myself in jail, and apparently permanently banned.

The reason stated was 'griefing and theft' (https://www.mcbans.com/ban/5598546). Frankly, I feel like that's some kind of mistake, but I'm not here to question the staff's decision. I'd like to revert it, if possible.

Around the time I stopped playing I vaguely remember somebody saying that I took bushes from an abandoned base. And yeah, I think I did that. I don't remember my reasoning behind the crime at the time or any of its details, but I don't think that matters now anyway. I would have apologized if I had the chance, but I stopped playing before the ban was issued so no conversations or warnings were ever had. So I'm here to say it now - I'm sorry. I realize that what I did was wrong. I won't do that again.

To add some weight to my words, however much it's worth, I would like to point out that I've played on the server for many months on and off prior to the ban without infracting any of the rules. I have built a large city that at one point had over 30 citizens. I've had good relationships with the server's regulars -- people like Elborax, LemonH, flokj, DragonTamer, SuperSausage, Vikusha, etc. I've had fun interacting with all of them and as far as I could tell they felt the same way. I would like to believe that my impact on the community was positive and is worth some credit in this case. Though that's obviously not up to me.

To reinstate -- I'm sorry. I would like to get a second chance in this community. I will obey the rules.

Thank you for reading.

10th February 2018, 13:02
Ban info:

Your ban appeal is a bit like a unicorn. It's rare to see someone be polite, acknowledge wrongdoings and apologize.

You will get a second chance. Just keep in mind that we will hold you to your word. Don't break the rules again and you should be fine.

Since I'm currently not well and don't feel like going through your stuff, I've deleted your player.dat file. I expect you to dump any items you may have taken. Another staff member will come by to check up on that.

10th February 2018, 18:22
Thank you.

I don't know how I didn't find the ban info thingy cause I've certainly looked through that thread, but anyway yeah those are the bushes I remember. I also remember woodlake being an abandoned unprotected town same as the other one, so that must've been why I took stuff from there too. Thought it was fine, but obviously it wasn't, so. Mistakes were made.

So, anyway, I don't know if I'm rushing or anything, but after reading the reply I tried to log in and I was still banned.

10th February 2018, 18:37
I used the Vanilla command to lift the ban instead of the MCBans command. Should be good now. Try again?

10th February 2018, 19:12
Yup, I'm in. Thank you!

14th February 2018, 00:31
Welcome back mini! In other news, if anyone wants to catch me on dynmap I'll be trying to be on around 1:00 GMT each evening.