View Full Version : I'm back!

29th April 2018, 20:24
Hey everyone, I have just gotten a new computer, it's setting up rn, and so I'll be hopping on sometimes, work on my town and stuff. I'd love to see you guys. Also, I can probably help with testing the tnfc server now.

29th April 2018, 21:04
Welcome back.

3rd May 2018, 07:28
:( that may have been preemptive. I'll be on ASAP

3rd May 2018, 12:33
Take your time, _DT, we are still here and always will be. We just evolve :)

Take care!

4th May 2018, 01:21
Glad to hear it Elbe!

5th May 2018, 07:37
Everything's up and working! See you all on there!