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6th May 2018, 07:30
Hello, I have a huge favour to ask of all of you. I recently returned to Happydiggers again after getting a computer that made playing viable, and I have continued work on my town buildings. I then realized that one of them is off center, which happens to really bother me. Here's the favour; can I get a staff member to shift it one block for me? I fully understand that server rules preclude people from asking the staff to use their powers to do things, but it would mean a lot to me. I can't move the building manually because I have a hot spring incorporated into it. I also understand that this sets a difficult precedent, and so this is obviously also a public matter. Anyways, if you could consider it, I'd really appreciate it.

PS: If I was ever to blow all of any capital I've earned on the server in one go, it would be for this.

6th May 2018, 08:11
Which building, exactly? Also, let's pretend I don't know which town you're talking about?

Does the building contain any chiseled blocks, containers or other TFC "machinery" and/or tile entities? Those can't be moved safely so you'd have to move those out of the way first. And even then, this is TFC so the building might just explode if we attempt to move it. If you're OK with that risk, then sure I'll give it a go.

Oh, don't forget to tell me which in direction it needs to be moved. One block, right?

6th May 2018, 08:25
Firstly, could you define "cant be moved safely" please? A lot of it is chiseled. Second, how big of a chance of destroying it are we talking? 50-50? It's the building to the west of my main road, the one called the Serenity lodge. I can show it to you now if you hop on. All the inventories can be cleared. Will sign text remain? It needs to all be moved one block to the west, and that includes the pool and spa which are below ground level.

If you want I can dig a hole so u can access the bottom corner and build a pillar to access the opposite one

You can see the number of chiseled blocks from the dynmap isometric view

6th May 2018, 08:45
Chiseled blocks can't be moved, they glitch and turn invisible. Blocks that have a gravity effect will fall when moved and may destroy surrounding blocks. TFC machinery and containers tend to glitch out when moved.

6th May 2018, 09:21
The building has been moved.

Inventories and TFC machinery were moved first. Then a ton of chiseled blocks were replaced with non-chiseled blocks. Then the building above ground was moved and finally some work was done on the basement bath area.

9th May 2018, 01:56
Small problem, there are several places where I had covered jack o lanterns with a chiseled block to let light out while hiding the source, and I forgot to remove them pre-relocation. Now I can't place anything in those spots, but there isn't a block wire frame or anything visible

Edit, along the top of the northern wall there are empty spaces where chiseled marble used to be that can't be filled either :/

9th May 2018, 08:09
Done and done :)

23rd May 2018, 12:56
I haven't read all the replies.. but wait a second: if the problem is only hot spring placement, IT CAN BE MOVED.
Not above, but you can expand in any direction and move below

23rd May 2018, 18:18
As far as I know the move was completed successfully. All that remained was re-chiselling the decorative blocks of the building.

So about blowing all that capital in one go... ;)

26th May 2018, 20:49
Everything, including the hot spring was moved successfully. Like J said, all i had to do was re-chisel blocks. In the places where we forgot to break chiseled blocks before moving it, there were invisible, unbreakable blocks left post-move that J had to destroy for me.

Maybe not ALL my capital xD

5th February 2019, 04:21
Can whatever you used to move my lodge be used to rotate an object?? Or just translate it? Definitely just curious not bc I messed anything up again ;)

5th February 2019, 08:56
Can whatever you used to move my lodge be used to rotate an object?? Or just translate it? Definitely just curious not bc I messed anything up again ;)

I am just wondering if the whatever you used to create the object in the first place can be used to rotate it. Life is full of questions :confused:

6th February 2019, 01:29
Yeah, I'm sure it eventually could. But sometimes in the pursuit of perfection, more expedient methods of improvement have to be sought.

6th February 2019, 16:24
You've already used all of your "capital" remember?

Doing favors like these sets a dangerous precedent which is why we (staff) rarely do them, if at all. You will have to tackle your imperfections yourself, just as all of the other users do.

6th February 2019, 20:26
I guess the capital meter takes a while to recharge then. Alright, I understand :) Maybe another time