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13th May 2018, 20:55
Question, is the item despawn length on the server the standard five minutes?

14th May 2018, 00:09
I think so, yes.

23rd May 2018, 12:52
Question, is the item despawn length on the server the standard five minutes?

Yes, but in some cases it can be different.. i found in unloaded chunk some stuff belonging to other players (garbage like rotten flesh, bones..) and when i checked it was from month before

23rd May 2018, 13:31
I think it's 5 minutes of the chunk with items being active. So, if you travel far, die, and travel again, and nobody else passes by, you can retrieve your stuff, because the chunk unloads if nobody is there. I did get back my items, a couple of times at least.

27th July 2018, 10:38
Towards the end of today I was experiencing some lag (I'm pretty sure on my end so dont worry about that), and was jumped by some sneaky zombies and crashed mid fight. Logged back on, was back within 3 minutes, and everything was gone. There werent any creepers nearby, so I dont know how it all disappeared so fast. This thread and the internet confirm that item despawn is 5 minutes, so I'm just really confused by it all.


28th July 2018, 16:40
My guess is that either according to your connection you did not make it in time or either it's TFC which, as you might know, handles stuff a bit differently. Dropped items sometimes glitch out (especially in caves) and the algorithm for stacking dropped items sometimes does the thing in TFC.

Just to be clear, item despawn time is not guaranteed by time but game ticks, and is defaulted to 6.000 ticks (which gives 5mins with 20 ticks per sec) in loaded chunk.

In case you didn't do the research, look here: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Item_(entity)#Behavior