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22nd July 2012, 02:19
Hey guys.

Trying to start a bit of a discussion here, so yeah. Excuse the thread name, I couldn't think of anything else. :P

What are your building habits? i.e what do you usually incorporate into your builds, bases, towns etc.

Do you always use the same style of decorating? Do you always build in na particular sbiome? Above ground? Below? Symmetrical? Etc?

Post a comment/response below. ^_^

22nd July 2012, 06:50
wood. lots of wood

22nd July 2012, 12:46
Don't forget to mention what your building habits are when asking others what theirs are ;)

Mine? I always build insanely large... things :B
Huge towers, giant rainbows, big towns, tall pixel art, elaborate bases, you get the point.

I usually choose a theme for any serious build. Like sandstone and blue wool for Aurora or the crazy sweet colors of candy land.

22nd July 2012, 15:51
Build as simple and boring as phossible and as demman said wood lots of wood.

22nd July 2012, 16:51
To prove insanej's comment....
just look at my tower in spectris :P

22nd July 2012, 17:15
I prefer to dig out huge areas in the ground and make cathedral like ceilings.

Some rules I follow:

All blocks have to look natural or structural and have a high blast resistance.
Minimal blocks that can burn because I tend to use lava as a light source.
Very symetric layout. (also good for confusing people ;))
Vertical layout with lots of elevators and water drops. This keeps all the chunks in my base loaded so that the farms can grow.
Make it EPIC!

23rd July 2012, 08:17
Forgot to mention my habits. :S

Soooooo basically, I try to build in mountain biomes or underground, or both, I try to build big, and circles..

...Gotta include circles. XD