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1st October 2018, 04:46
Town member randomly found a barrel containing 40 redstone dust and 19 note blocks evenly spaced within inside their inventory. They don't know where it came from, and despite it not being on their back they were not encumbered by it. The TFC wiki doesn't show any crafting recipe for note blocks, so I'm wondering if its some kind of glitch and they need to be returned or if we can keep them. I'd like to keep them but if they're a result of a glitch I understand that they should be returned.


1st October 2018, 07:45
Jiro, what did you do? :p

2nd October 2018, 00:35
Jiro, what did you do? :p

Unless it was something from 9+ months ago, I'm not sure how it could have been me this time :cool:

2nd October 2018, 05:06
The player registered 2 days ago

2nd October 2018, 19:07
Sounds like a very interesting mystery


3rd October 2018, 16:59
i dont remember for sure, but maybe the crafting for noteblock is enabled.


3rd October 2018, 20:13
Made a test today, players are able to craft note blocks using vanilla recipe on Freebie. Placing them in a barrel and moving it from your back slot to main inventory space activates the overburden effect.

Due to lack of screenshots and detailed information I assume that the unsuspecting town member is the last one added, issac_tuomi. The fact that the barrel was not placed in their back slot and they were not overburdened by it leads me to thinking that the barrel was inserted in an unusual way, or it is special by itself. Generally speaking, even one block normally sealed inside a barrel makes the barrel valid to overburden a player.

Anyway, I'd like to see that barrel to check few things, especially if it remained unplaced/unmodified.

3rd October 2018, 20:20
I removed the noteblocks from the barrel and I dont know where I put the barrel itself. Isaac_Tuomi is the town member, and he says he didn't craft them or in any other way find them until they appeared in his inventory.

If the note blocks are craftable then it sounds like they aren't really a problem. I'm still confused as to where they originated, but its not a big deal. Thank you for your attention.