View Full Version : towny error safe mode?

23rd January 2019, 02:03
i logged in to the server at 4:58 pm GMT-8 i couldn't move or look around with out the view jumping back and forth rapidly
when i log in in chat it says towny error safe mode i dont know what is wrong but i wanted to let someone know if and staff did not already

23rd January 2019, 09:37
Confirmed 9:30 CET. Towny on the Freebie TFC server locked in safe mode again. Jail server seems to be inaccessible (java.net.ConnectException), Lobby is intact.
Have to wait for J or somebody who can perform a server restart.

23rd January 2019, 10:50
Player 'Rahkao' was in two towns at the same time, 'Vilous' and 'ferrymorse', which caused an error in Towny. I've removed ferrymorse as it seemed emtpy.

23rd January 2019, 19:10
my bad i just realized what happened i forgot to do /accept when removing ferrymorse uhh that's a fail

23rd January 2019, 19:39
No worries. It's a shortcoming of Towny we've encountered a couple of times before now and it's fixed easily enough :)