View Full Version : Is the TnFC server ready for launch?

7th March 2019, 23:04
To those who have play tested the TnFC server. You've provided feedback. Some things were changed, fixed or added to the know issues list and we'll learn to live with them.

Do you guys think the server is ready for the public? To prevent ambiguous answers I've created a simple yes/no poll. Don't hesitate to vote no or yes. As always I'd love to hear what you all think, good or bad. If the server sucks, just say so. If you think it's great, awesome! And if it's somewhere in between I'd also like to hear about that :)

8th March 2019, 00:24
I do believe that the server is ready for public release as I have been able to progress solo through a very large portion of the pack without too many hiccups. However, the rules for the server (quantity of machines, trees, animals, outpost, etc.) may have to be made more apparent as soon as the server goes public and may have to be tweaked based on server load, since there were at max 4 players on simultaneously.

8th March 2019, 04:09
love the server. ready for public....soon.

since last weekend i have been having what i can only describe as latency issues. This is not lag as it is not affecting other people playing. nor do i know how to diagnose what may be causing the issue. i can say that i am rubber banding, broken blocks reappear, both with a reg pickaxe and the drill. i use the drill and wait anywhere from 5-30+ seconds for the 9 block area to catch up and disappear. sometimes the blocks broken by the drill then appear as cobble and fall. with 45%+ pickaxe i can arguably mine faster than the drill. on the previous server we had i remember mining for miles without issue i loved the drill. i dont seem to have any other issues but once it starts i end up logging due to frustration. let me know what else you may need from me.

8th March 2019, 10:41
Dourne, thanks for your input. (also thank you DOM!) I'd like to discuss these issues further in this thread as doing that goes a little bit beyond the scope of this poll.:

8th March 2019, 17:41
I think the server is almost there or that it is there deppending on the problems described by Dourne. I have had the same problems and I didn't have them on the old server. But since I know I have some problems with my internet stabilityes I can't be sure if it's that or If it is something else.

If we could test if this problems affect more players at the same time on the server and it dosn't then I would say its ready!

9th March 2019, 14:33
Personally, I don't have any problems, but I'm still not very advanced (I had very little time to play lately). But I also think rules need to be revised and communicated clearly before the server is open. How many machines are allowed? Are all chunk loaders disabled? Maybe it should be in the rules that any kind of chunk-loading setup is forbidden, even if it's still somehow possible to achieve?

And, again, I think it would be nice to have more than one home location available.

17th March 2019, 18:35
Closing this poll. Thanks for the input everyone :)