View Full Version : Bacon City Griefed!

1st September 2012, 05:45
I logged on today at 7pm MTD to do some building as usual when i noticed my whole entire city was griefed. I asked Mods (Demman)
to do /co inspect to see who did this but they cant do that for some reason! Now i hope that the admins considered rolling back the server because i have worked on this town for about 6 days straight and is all gone. Me, Blueman_001, and wazix the brave are so frustrated that we don't even want to play anymore because of this. Now whoever did this i think you should be banned forever and learn to not be such a d*ck head.

1st September 2012, 15:37
Fixed and Banned :)

1st September 2012, 21:08
Thanks so much!