View Full Version : How goes it?

14th September 2012, 22:56
What has everybody been up to so far? I've heard noobminer tried to escape. Some people have advanced to B-block. What else? Did anyone end up inside of a mobgrinder yet? ;)


15th September 2012, 03:29
I went into depression after I lost my god picks, and most of my swords.

15th September 2012, 03:48
I didn't try to i did.....i would upload a screenshot but photobucket isn't working for my other computer.

17th September 2012, 09:11
You can attach screenshots to the forum directly, no need for external hosting. Click the 'Go Advanced' button under the Quick Reply box and you can attach pics/files/whatever :)

18th September 2012, 06:17
Me, I now I built a floating house, which is 10 times better than my first house in this map! Right now, my main goal is to get red dye and 4 stacks of sandstone. I plan to create a shop soon (probably next week?) in Equilibrium (the town where I live.) So far, it will be selling glowstone, iron swords, iron helmets, and iron shovels. More things will come in stock later. A portion of the money I receive will go to Equilibrium's town bank so I can help Cleric expand the town.

21st September 2012, 20:59
Sorry Forgot about that, here's a screenshot of when i escaped

22nd September 2012, 13:46
Lol, very nice :D