View Full Version : redstone being added to trader (idea)

18th September 2012, 22:59
Well, I mine redstone for exp but other than that there is no use for it. You can't really get the materials for redstone projects so it really has no use.. So why not add it to the shop?

64 redstone = 2 emeralds perhaps?

18th September 2012, 23:11
I agree 100% :D

Here's a small table of ore percentages in stone.

Emerald Ore
Twice as rare as Diamonds effectively

Diamond Ore

Gold Ore

Iron Ore

Redstone Ore

Lapis Lazuli Ore

Redstone should be a little cheaper then iron ingots because it doesn't require any processing. I would also like to be able to sell lapis lazuli ore since is more rare than Gold and has no further use then being a very nice dye.

p.s. I've moved your thread to the proper forum :diamond:

18th September 2012, 23:17
wow. I would never think of redstone appearing more than iron...

19th September 2012, 12:50
This can be done. I'll add both to a new trader tonight. :)

20th September 2012, 01:25
Added redstone and lapis

20th September 2012, 12:50
Awesome :D

One thing occured to me after I sold my stash of lapis. It's more rare then gold yet it gives you less emeralds. One gold ingot gets you one emerald. One block of lapis ore yields 4 - 8 shards. Could you change the selling price to 8 lapis shards for 1 emerald? Because of people mining with fortune picks this should make it worth about as much as gold I think.