View Full Version : Horrible grief on towny server!!

30th September 2012, 06:35
Well i got alerted by my good friends meow_meow_master and ligemyster that there was a HORRIBLE GRIEF so i got on and yet there was so i spammed my F2 and they crashed the server so... just look for yourself all the names of the griefers names were... Stl_Missouri, Trollin_x_M16, shayansmind, favoriter7, W1DD, GravyKitty so any admins... plaese rollback and ban please this is BAD!!

30th September 2012, 08:44
That looks more like someone used worldedit there because all grass is soulsand on a defined region and how they managed to place blocks at spawn like lava and tnt and breaking some stuff....

30th September 2012, 12:19
The damage was quite extensive. I wonder how GravyKitty managed to use WorldEdit, any ideas?

The damage was rolled back, but there are still a few minor things here and there that need fixing. If you find any problems, let me know.

30th September 2012, 16:40
Equilibrium also got griefed. The damage has been rolled back.

I've added worldedit.* directives to the PermissionsBukkit config file denying all groups access to worldedit, just in case they were abusing a flaw in permissions somewhere :B

30th September 2012, 18:01
It's called a client. xD. There are some serious clients that can allow for anything...

30th September 2012, 18:37
my friend said that they all came from the same ip and one guy came on and his name was red so he was a admin then he OPed all his other friends so... yea

30th September 2012, 19:01
Who's your friend? Since unless he's a mod then he probably has a client too... wait. mods can't even check ips anymore...

so, who's your friend?

30th September 2012, 23:54
he got on recently but then his power got shut down.. so i have no idea i forgot his MC name

1st October 2012, 01:16
Hmph. Well lige said it was him...

1st October 2012, 05:37
Ryan ur an idiot i said they might of had the same ip not they have the same ip and ryan/demman he is why i belive so.... one person logged on and there name was red then like 4 join at the exact same time and there names were also red than too so idk wtf was happening so i spazzed out on ryan and thats about it then they left.

1st October 2012, 08:33
They logged in from different IPs. Here's the list:


It started with Stl_Missouri who then started unbanning and opping the other accounts. They have all been banned, but I think it's time we started investing some time into a mod like McBans. That way, if a player has already been banned from a couple of servers running the same mod, that player will not be able to join a server that is also running that mod.

I also know how they became op. They used a program that runs beside Minecraft and exploits a weakness in the server to elevate a certain player to op. This is something that Mojang/Bukkit needs to fix. In the mean time the only thing we can do is to try to keep those players from joining our server. If they're not on the server, they can't be elevated to op, or grief, do damage, stating the obvious here...

27th January 2013, 02:37
what does OP mean anyway?

27th January 2013, 02:48
Operator, original post, etc.