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31st October 2012, 16:30
Tekkit Intro:


1st November 2012, 01:21
COuld you keep the videos to one topic, or post a blog? It will keep the forums neater. Anyways, gonna check the video out right about... NOW!

1st November 2012, 09:03
Nice video :)

May I suggest you don't ask so much of your viewers? We are lazy folk and just want to see you do cool stuff in your videos. So instead of asking us what you should do, just go ahead and do what you like doing. If you want to build a house in the snow biome, do it. If you want to dig a hole and live in it, do it. People will ask you for things to do if they feel they're missing out on something :)

Apart from setting up a Tekkit server and floating around a bit, I haven't played any Tekkit at all. Your video's title sais it's an introduction, but so far I have no idea what's going on. Perhaps you could explain how Tekkit works? What makes it different from regular Minecraft? What am I supposed to do with the giant list of blocks? How do I make those cool machines I've been hearing about?

Just a few thoughts. Keep up the good work! And keep those videos coming :D