View Full Version : Virtual Chest not buyable?

1st November 2012, 01:15
Well I'm on with a guy named minemaster and he has over $2000, but can't buy a chest. When I try it doesn't even say I don't have enough cash. Was virtual chest not fixed to go with the new economy plugin?

1st November 2012, 09:13
It could be a 1.4.2 thing. I've just updated the Prison and Skyblock server to the latest dev build of 1.4.2 and I could buy chests and use them.

I bought them by right clicking the sign. And I used them with
/gp c normal1
/gp c normal2
and /gp c normal 3

Can you check if it's working for you also? If not, then it's probably a permissions problem and Marius needs to take a look at it.

1st November 2012, 09:14
Oh, I did just notice something.

Chests, food, items, everything is free!

Marius, you're going to have to take a look ;)