View Full Version : Cannot connect to Small World server

17th November 2012, 19:20
I am trying to connect to the Small World server and get the following error message:


Can others connect to the server? I have been playing on the server like 5-6 hours ago and now I cant anymore :(

17th November 2012, 19:33
There's a problem with Mojang's login servers again but I think they will come up soon so you don't have to worry :)

17th November 2012, 21:36
I have the same problem right now, it happens sometimes. We'll just have to wait for Mojang to fix the problem with their servers untill we can play again :B

17th November 2012, 21:48
Thanks for the feedback guys, I never got that issue before so I was worried that maybe it was something on my side.

If its Mojang then I guess we will be playing tomorrow xD

2nd December 2012, 00:38
Oh wow i just posted a thread about this too... Ill remove it now