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9th December 2012, 21:27
So with factions installed, a problem has appeared. Players can invite others to their faction, set their home outside of the prison, and any faction member can /f home bringing them out of the prison. Not sure if you can, but could an admin make it so only free has the permission to /f home? Or join factions overall?

Another thing, faction members can claim the prison. I had to do it earlier when I invited Novgigi to my faction because he was stuck in spleef, with /spl back not working. I invited him to my faction, claimed part of spawn, set my home, had him /f home, and it worked. So, it was good to be able to get him out, but others may claim the prison.

9th December 2012, 23:55
I've removed a few factions, kicked some people out, reset some bank accounts and removed a few player.dat files.

I've also added a giant region over the entire prison and added most of the factions commands as blocked commands so that should hopefully keep people in :B

10th December 2012, 02:29
J, I think that made it so players can mine the prison! The prison got MASSIVELY griefed. The world protection was destroyed.

10th December 2012, 11:19
Bah @ stupid griefers.

I'll ban them, fix the damage and see if I can get Factions to play nice... So far it's been way more trouble then it's worth.

10th December 2012, 13:10
Ok so I rolled back all the grief as far as I can tell. There's still some sugar cane that needs fixing that can't be rolled back. Marius could you look at this please?

I've also banned a couple of blatant griefers. And I hope I've fixed the world guard config file.

Can someone who isn't warden/op check to see if they can use /f commands inside prison?

10th December 2012, 14:10
it seems you just banned everyone that was online at that time? I may have "griefed" a few blocks to see if the protection was gone everywhere. but i actually mostly placed blocks to fix some of the bigger holes that were there. In fact, I was the one that pointed it out to Demman that the prison was griefable.

also, looking at the banlist on Minebans.com , I don't see Trey ( don't know his full name, had some random numbers in it) on there. although he was just an A-prisoner (maybe just went to Elite) when i left that day, and when i got back he was Elite and was saying how many diamonds he had.

also, to point out that i didn't want to have anything to do with this, as soon as i logged on, someone gave me 50K, which i immediately returned

10th December 2012, 14:41
Thank you for taking the time to point this out.

I wasn't on at the time, so I've banned anyone that I found had done damage to the prison. You were banned because I found blocks missing that were removed by you.

I will check server logs to see if I can verify your story. Demman might be able to help you there as well. Demman? What do you know about this?

Also, would you guys mind looking at the people I've banned on minebans to see if other's should be included or excluded and why?
You can vied the bans here: http://minebans.com/view_server.html?server_id=453

10th December 2012, 14:47
also feel like i need to point this out, I went from c-prisoner to elite in 1 day, and was 25k away from free, multiple people can verify this. I didn't really need to grief to get anything :p

I might still have a few sand blocks and maybe 1 diamond block in my inventory. which i will gladly return of course, like i said earlier i took a few blocks to see if the protection waws gone everywhere.

the Spleef arena was still protected for some reason

10th December 2012, 14:56
Griefing just to see if you can isn't the smartest thing to do. That's the kind of behavior that will get you banned.

The Spleef arena has it's own set of world guard regions to protect it that are managed through the spleef plugin we're using.

10th December 2012, 14:56
Fixed the problem with sugar canes, when you roll backed it it also did that for the water ( it transformed in bedrock...) so no water no sugar canes :)

10th December 2012, 15:00
Griefing just to see if you can isn't the smartest thing to do. That's the kind of behavior that will get you banned.
well it wasn't really to see if i could grief, but more if there was protection there, i wanted to keep playing normally. but mining when there's a possibility of people jumping at you didn't really seem like a good idea. so i was mostly looking for that.

10th December 2012, 20:26
_Jibbles_ can you explain how it's possible that you mined an entire row of diamond blocks while you said you only mined a few blocks to see if the protection was gone?

BlockID DateTime user bcords
57 2012-12-10 02:27:03 _Jibbles_ -81.62.-259
57 2012-12-10 02:27:04 _Jibbles_ -82.62.-259
57 2012-12-10 02:27:06 _Jibbles_ -83.62.-259
57 2012-12-10 02:27:07 _Jibbles_ -84.62.-259
57 2012-12-10 02:27:09 _Jibbles_ -85.62.-259
57 2012-12-10 02:27:10 _Jibbles_ -86.62.-259
57 2012-12-10 02:27:12 _Jibbles_ -87.62.-259
57 2012-12-10 02:27:13 _Jibbles_ -88.62.-259
57 2012-12-10 02:27:15 _Jibbles_ -89.62.-259
57 2012-12-10 02:27:17 _Jibbles_ -90.62.-259
57 2012-12-10 02:27:24 _Jibbles_ -91.62.-259

10th December 2012, 20:53
_Jibbles_ can you explain how it's possible that you mined an entire row of diamond blocks while you said you only mined a few blocks to see if the protection was gone?

I think that was the row that was placed by someone else? it was just in the middle of either A-section or elite section i think. tossed it into the lava after cleaning it up

10th December 2012, 20:56
If you dont believe me, feel free to unban me and invsee me the second i come online. I really don't have any diamonds on me except maybe the last block i dug up. no diamond tools either and if i sold 11 blocks then i would have a lot more $$$ than i'd have now

10th December 2012, 22:01
From what I know she is telling the truth. She was the one who told me, and as she said, by the time it was discovered, she was almost free. Jibbles was also one of the only people I didn't see with diamond armor

10th December 2012, 22:40
Thanks demman. Would you do me another favor and go to those coordinates in Prison? If _Jibbles_ is telling the truth then there should not be at least 11 diamond blocks in a row at those coordinates. If there are diamond blocks at those coordinates it means _Jibbles_ removed them.

Here are _Jibbles_ stats for 2012-12-10

BlockID Amount DateTime user
1 35 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_
3 66 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_
4 4 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_
12 379 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_
15 2 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_
16 9 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_
24 3 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_
56 3 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_
57 11 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_
62 1 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_
65 2 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_
89 5 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_
98 5 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_
101 1 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_
106 4 2012-12-10 _Jibbles_

10th December 2012, 23:29
I'll go check them out. Will post in 5ish minutes

EDITZ: Just got a message saying I can't connect to minecraft.net...

Will check when I can connect.

I checked the coords on the dyn map. Couldn't see, but it doesn't seem like a place where you, or marius would place diamond...


Black is the marker...

11th December 2012, 09:06
There's a row of diamond blocks along the wall there. You can't see them on dynmap because they are under the walk way between the towers.



I'm just having a hard time believing _Jibbles_ didn't take those diamond blocks.

11th December 2012, 13:24
Well, jibbles, what do you have to say about that?

11th December 2012, 18:06
You know what? I'm going to unban everybody that got banned during this incident, effective immediately.

It sucks that it happened. It sucks that a lot of players are just plain old griefers. But this is a prison server afterall, and if they want to go nuts on this server they can.

Inside prison the world should be protected with world guard. Outside of prison the players will have to take care of things like grief, pvp and stealing themselves.

12th December 2012, 00:42
thanks for the unban, all i know is that i removed stuff that looked out of place. and like i said. feel free to check my inventory for any diamonds, i literally gained nothing from this. Although I do understand pretty much everything points to me having done that..
I just like playing on this server, and it would really suck if i was kept banned just because i was stupid enough to do that >_>

12th December 2012, 00:54
also just noticed that at least Elite users cant get in the A section? don't know about other users but both me and Novgigi tried and couldnt. also, apparently i logged out at a place where there was lava. so even if i still had anything on me from that stuff then it's gone now ._.

12th December 2012, 01:06
turns out free users can't get in any sections other than C as well.

12th December 2012, 10:10
I think more people couldn't resist the temptation of all that loot shining right in front of them and decided if they can, then they should grief :p

Marius, did you change permissions?

12th December 2012, 21:08
Didn't changed anything in the permissions for a while so idk anything about that, maybe there are still some problems with regions?

13th December 2012, 18:14
the biggest problem is that people already in B-A and Elite sections can't move at all. So they're stuck when they login.

13th December 2012, 20:16
I think things are working again, and non-free players shouldn't be able to access the factions commands.

It would be nice if some people tested this :)