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31st December 2012, 15:15
Marius will be leaving us for a while. He is going to travel the world with his father and do all sorts of cool new things.

After a few months he'll return and I'm sure he'll tell us all about what happened.

Untill then: goodbye Marius and thank you for all the work you put into our servers and community :)

...and have fun on your travels ;)


31st December 2012, 22:01
hope marius has a great time.

4th January 2013, 23:26
Miss you Marius but have a great time won't you mate

5th January 2013, 03:04
Not marius! Have fun! 3:

5th January 2013, 04:31
Good Luck Marius, I hope you have a great time with your father and see all sorts of different things, I will miss you but i'll try not making it the end of the world.

Loved by,

21st March 2013, 02:52
See yah Marius! I hope you have a great time! And, do me a favor, don't blow up like J thinks you will =) (Just Kidding)


21st March 2013, 03:33
Sorry about above, I always hit edit instead of reply :P

Anyways, marius is back. No need to say good bye :P

Well, maybe not back, but on minecraft again.

22nd March 2013, 23:11
mmk. Wow, I never get informed of these things =(