View Full Version : FTB mod pack help

2nd January 2013, 19:51
where can i download the mods for FTB???

2nd January 2013, 20:29
So it was FTB related :)

Did you get the Feed The Beast launcher? You can download it here: http://feed-the-beast.com/#download_wrapper
I used the .exe

After you start the launcher, you can select what mod packs you want to download. If you want to play on our FTB server, you will need the MindCrack Pack (v6) currently.


Just select the pack and launch the game. If you haven't made a profile first, it will ask you to do so. This is your regular Minecraft account, the one you use to log in with the regular Minecraft client.

After that's done the FTB launcher will start to download everything you need :)