View Full Version : Banned????? Griefer attack perhaps?

26th January 2013, 19:28
I got on the towny and got banned. two randoms were on. It appears to be another grief attack!

26th January 2013, 19:59
Today I got onto the Towny server, and there were two people on - lukec and nojuxs2514. Then I got banned! Please can some one explain this?!

26th January 2013, 20:38
I was playing on Doms towny server today and I tried to log on then it said I wasn't whitelisted. I relogged in and was able to join but after I placed a few paintings it said the ban hammer has spoken. I didn't even do anything.

26th January 2013, 21:12
This was a hacker event. All has been undone. Please go about your measly day mortals...


26th January 2013, 21:14
It seems that hackers tend to be on the towny. Both the big attacks I recall have occurred on the towny.

26th January 2013, 21:17
That is the most vulnerable server since it is a very popular plugin and LOTS of people know its ins and outs.

ALSO, there was a problem with one of the configs which was immediately changed.

26th January 2013, 21:37
Yes, wel done ~DOM the ALMIGHTY!!!! Excellent work ;)