View Full Version : Vanilla Grief

23rd February 2013, 00:12
My house was raided and bed was stolen and all my animals taken as well as my farm.

Coords: x: 423 y: 107 z: 295

Just want to know if anything can be done about it?

23rd February 2013, 00:17
also main town has been ablitorated

23rd February 2013, 01:20
I logged in to check my area and everything was ok except for the littering of items on my structure and my anvil destroyed. Most was minor stuff littered about except, one record "cat", some glass, dyes, potatos and various other items with a bed by my portle.

There were two spots were the items were littered as if two people died or one person returned and died there.

23rd February 2013, 01:21
Use the co-insepct tool to know who took the bed. Odds are, it was the same person who killed your animals and destroyed your farm. To use the co-inspect tool do /co-inspect

23rd February 2013, 01:43
It's a vanilla server, that means there aren't any plugins installed. There's no CoreProtect and now way to reverse the damage other then rebuilding by hand.

Instead of rebuilding we're thinking about starting a new map when 1.5 comes out. This will have a lot of changes that might warrant a new map. What do you guys think about starting a new map?

23rd February 2013, 02:49
Oh, I use the coreprotect on the small world, i though it would be on here