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16th March 2013, 17:46

I played on the prison server for a long time and I have set up a pretty big faction.. Although I don't play on it as much as I used to, I still like to maintain my faction and play on the prison server when I can. But recently, every time I log on to the prison server.. parts of my faction are blown up. I have fixed it several time. I was hoping that the moderators could turn off explosions in factions? As you know, creepers wont blow up on their own unless a player is near them. So it is obvious that other players are standing near my buildings and then getting a creeper to blow up. I am tired to fixing up my faction over and over again :( So I really hope you guys will turn on explosions.

Thank you,

16th March 2013, 21:02
Oh so tht is ur faction..... Umm sorry bout tht I saw some food in there and kinda had to get in.. but luckily the creepers didnt destroy the chest :) I didn't think any1 would come on in ur faction every time I was on for like the past 2 months no1 never came on and I needed food. I rly wanted an inv to it! Sorry for the damage as well. :)

18th March 2013, 14:25
I will not disable creeper explosions globally. They are a part of the game.

I'm not sure if you can disable them inside your faction. With Towny this is pretty easy, you can toggle mobs on or off as mayor of a town.

Does anyone know if a factions leader can do the same for a faction? Else I'd have to look it up...

18th March 2013, 15:38
Banana guy, I can't believe you would blow up someones faction for food.. There are SOO many other ways to get food in the server.. :/ Even if you did blow up my faction, you wont be able to open any chests or break melons since they are in part of my faction. So that was a very stupid idea :/

And J I do hope you can find a way for faction leaders to turn it off.. Thanks.

19th March 2013, 11:08
TD, I changed my mind. Sorry for not listening to you right away. You can read what I've done in the news section: http://happydiggers.net/content.php?242-Prison-Cleanup