View Full Version : Skyblock Chest Issues

28th March 2013, 02:43
I tried to start a new island on skyblock. When i opened the chest it was empty. I know there is supposed to be a bucket of lava and some ice and such in it

28th March 2013, 02:44
Also the no Griefing sign has a typo.

It says "no Giefing"

28th March 2013, 10:28
Chests being empty was because WorldEdit was outdated. I've updated IslandWorld/WorldGuard/WorldEdit/Spigot to the latest version but now there are some other problems....

Players can't seem to open their chests/furnaces/workbenches. I'm not sure if it's a config issue or a bug. I've opened a ticket on the IslandWorld dev page so I hope to get some help soon.

28th March 2013, 21:35
ok thank you. I really love skyblock so i hope u fix it soon!

28th March 2013, 23:22
actually, there is:

1.Bucket of Lava
2.2 Buckets of Water
4.Sugar Cane
5.2 Saplings
6.2 Melon Slices
7.Melon Seeds
8.Pumpkin Seeds
9.More (I think)