1. Holland VS the Netherlands

    Welcome to the great nation of Holland. Where the tulips grow the windmills turn the breakfast is chocolaty the people industrious and the sea tries to drown it all.

    I hope this will clear things up for you guys
  2. How to pronounce: ASUS

    I'm sure their marketing department only wanted to add Bruce Lee to their commercial. And they were right for doing so. Bruce Lee adds at least 241,7% of extra awesomeness to any ad campaign.

    Although I do supposed they could have just hired a Canadian to pronounce it, eh? ^^
  3. Steam Holiday Sale 2012

    Steams holiday sale has started. Get your stockings ready and be prepared to make your wallets cry, because the season of great spending has arrived!

    Or has it?

    As the number of games in my Steam profile has risen well beyond 600, my lust for new games seems to have subsided. There are a ton of games I still haven't played, and a lot of games I haven't finished playing yet. Why would I want to buy any more games? ...
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  4. Jurassic Prank

    Just when you though it was safe to walk across the street, this happens

    Love the part where he knocks on the door, walks by the window, and then the people come out the house to see what's going on ^^
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  5. Mother battles against video game addiction

    GLUED is a short film about a mother who tries to deal with her video game addicted son. He's so addicted at some point he tries to control real life objects with a joystick. Although at the end I'm not exactly sure which one of the two is more crazy

    Watch and have fun
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