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  1. Heptagon_ru's Avatar
    Awesome, I would never guess that
    Btw, the Who's Online page/link is fun, because all those bots constantly find some interesting pages from the past ))
  2. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Portal 2 is excellent. It's really worth playing through to the end. Huge plot twists ahead
  3. Heptagon_ru's Avatar
    I found this old post because of some spider activity on "Who's online" page.
    I have just realised that the voice of that sphere from portal 2 (as I understand) if of J.K.Simmons, the actor I like a lot.
    Unfortunately in Portal 2 I haven't reached to that point when you meet the guy, as I remember. And got bit bored
    I hope now I will want to return to the game I wanna hear a lot of Simmons
    Thanks J!
  4. demman8's Avatar
    Cool video. I watched a good amount of CGPGrey a while back, but haven't recently.
  5. demman8's Avatar
    Wow, would have never noticed without this... Time to buy 2000000 games!
  6. demman8's Avatar
    The ding dong ditch was the best. Then it showed it behind the bushes. xD.

    The part where it was in the alley, and it was 2 girls and 1 boy, the girls freaked out, and the boy ran over to pet it. xD
  7. demman8's Avatar
    Never saw this blog! Pretty awesome animation! Many nowadays can relate to it.
  8. wordie101's Avatar
    says embeding removed by request but really good animation and so so true to life ..(its my nephew to a tee lol )
    Updated 19th November 2012 at 16:10 by wordie101
  9. demman8's Avatar
    That was glorious... I agree though, best part was when he ripped his shirt off. xD
  10. wordie101's Avatar
    that is brilliant lol
  11. InsaneJ's Avatar
    Yup, that's the poster that's going up on billboards
  12. demman8's Avatar
    The picture you posted(the ad one) was the best looking part. Or was it the final product? Can't listen to the audio right now :S
  13. demman8's Avatar
    My halloween was delayed to friday. :S

    Interesting video though
  14. demman8's Avatar
    Wow... How do people think of these?
  15. noobminer101's Avatar
    I love the meme's, Yesterday i was thinking the same thing, The Storm was bad but i'm sure this would cheer some people up, I will donate to the red cross and the money i have left to the server, I know the servers important but this has devastated many peoples lives, So ill donate to both,

    Thanks for the meme's j i love them.

  16. demman8's Avatar
    That? An apology? Nope.
  17. demman8's Avatar
    I clean my phone all the time. Thanks, dad!
  18. demman8's Avatar
    EA seems to be getting worse and worse :/

    EA Sports is still making good games though. The normal EA games though? Not so much..
  19. InsaneJ's Avatar
    There will always be bugs in games, it's something we have to live with. But this is just sloppy and disrespectful if you ask me. You buy a game, and the first thing you have to do is download a patch because the game is simply unplayable.

    This can only mean the game simply isn't finished. They probably rushed the game out the door to meet a deadline. Which means the game isn't nearly as good as it should be. EA has a habit of rushing games and disappointing players because of that
  20. demman8's Avatar
    Seems like they don't even test. Let the buyers suffer and find them, then patch it.
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