1. How to pronounce: ASUS

    I'm sure their marketing department only wanted to add Bruce Lee to their commercial. And they were right for doing so. Bruce Lee adds at least 241,7% of extra awesomeness to any ad campaign.

    Although I do supposed they could have just hired a Canadian to pronounce it, eh? ^^
  2. Apple makes bad apology

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    A little while ago Apple lost it's appeal against the UK High Court of Justice ruling and was ordered to post a public apology to Samsung. It had to post it giant Arial.

    Well then, the apology has arrived. It's not very long, but long enough to be one of the worst apologies in history.

    The first part basically sais that Samsung didn't copy Apple because the iPad is cool and the Galaxy Tab isn't. And the second part goes on ...
  3. Samsung did not copy Apple

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    After Apple has lost it's appeal against the UK High Court of Justice's ruling it is now being forced to make a public apoloty. The court ruled that Samsung's tablet design do not infringe on the iPad.

    I absolutely love the punishment Apple is getting. They have to post notices on it's website, and in newspapers, explaining why it's sorry. Oh, and the best part? They have to do it with a font size no smaller then 14pt

    The court had previously ...