1. EA fails again!

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    Due to a glitch in the coupon system of EA's Origin store, a lot of gamers got their hands on free games during the weekend. The publisher didn't fix the exploit until 18 hours after it was first discovered.

    Last week EA send a group of gamers a questionnaire. If they would complete it, they'd get a code with which they could purchase $20 worth of games in the Origin store. The only problem was that this code could be redeemed over and over again. The ...
  2. First look at Notch's new game: 0x10c

    Notch posted a first draft of the artwork and lightning for his upcomming game 0x10c. There's not much to look at yet gameplay wise, but it looks to be a sci-fi first person... something!

    It's a game enspired by the demo scene. For those who don't know: this is a group of people who, amongst other things, like programming small games.
    What this means for the game? Well, Notch has this to say about it:
    I'm trying to
  3. Serious Minecraft

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    There have been a lot of great builds in Minecraft. Awesome castles, amazing landscapes, insanely complicated red stone contraptions, you imagine it, it's been done

    But only a few builds manage to get me really excited. This video of Qhul-Rahav is one of them.

    As some of you may know, I'm a huge Serious Sam fan. I've played them all, several times through. And when watching this video, I was immediately reminded of all the awesome battles ...
  4. Hacker hits Stormwind

    An in-game exploit in World of Warcraft caused players and NPCs to get killed in certain realms in large cities. Blizzard sais they have fixed the problem.

    The exploit was revealed last Sunday when people on the Blizzard forum started complaining about suddenly being killed. How many players and NPCs were killed is unclear.

    One thing's for sure, this exploit has made many people very unhappy. Let's hope they catch ...
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