1. Push to add drama

    That has got to be the most awesome button in button history.

    I love the part where the EMT takes of his shirt and starts pounding his assailant, this is epic stuff
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  2. Who wants to be in a car crash?

    Here's an interesting ride. 17 body painted people stacked on top of eachother to make them look like a car wreck.

    As part of an anti-speeding campaign Emma Hack pieced together a group of people, putting them on top of each other and painting them so that they look like a real car. It's interesting to see how the pieces all come together. Also, I really should work out more ^^

    Obey the speed limit!

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  3. Post Halloween Pumpkin Mayhem

    Halloween has sort of come and gone. So now it's time to take care of those pumpkins that have been staring at people with their weird faces, glowing eyes, mischievous smiles and grueling expressions

    Trash Lab knows exactly how to take care of those melon wannabes. Swords, chain saws, cars and even explosives are used and displayed in awesome slow motion
  4. Hurrican Sandy: Sandy meme

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    While people hunker in the bunker, battened up the hatches, and ran for the hills, the Internet spawns another meme. This one involves goody two-shoes-in-black-leather John Travolta and the lovely and talented lady from England Olivia Newton-John.

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    I know donations are a sensitive subject around here, ...
  5. Apple makes bad apology

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    A little while ago Apple lost it's appeal against the UK High Court of Justice ruling and was ordered to post a public apology to Samsung. It had to post it giant Arial.

    Well then, the apology has arrived. It's not very long, but long enough to be one of the worst apologies in history.

    The first part basically sais that Samsung didn't copy Apple because the iPad is cool and the Galaxy Tab isn't. And the second part goes on ...
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