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    Nice one.
    Updated 29th September 2018 at 14:29 by anonymous123
  2. demman8's Avatar
    My life doesn't really change... I've made new friends, a lot actually, and a close friend moved. My grade also does not call me an alien for being smarter than most anymore....
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    Should be fixed now

    I've been trying to fight spam bots. One of the things I've done is assign you, and a few lucky others, to another forum group that has blogging privileges. Unfortunately I forgot to set the PM settings properly. So you were able to receive but not send PMs.

    Go ahead and give it another shot
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    It was boring without MC last night...
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    Ok, its fixed for most people now.
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    So that's why I couldn't log in earlier tonight

    Amazon has been having quite a few issues with their cloud services lately. That's really not helping them. A ton of websites has grown dependent on Amazon's services. So every time they go down, so does half the Internet... or so it seems
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    Well, independence is a funny subject in that my parents barely live in the United States, and I'm rich, so yeah, besides for my income, I'm totally independent ^_^

    On subject, James, Caroline, Angela and I volenteer for PAL, which is a local thing, we do shows for our school and Snaggle, if that's volenteering, and James and I tutor, if you want to call it that, I wouldn't, I would call it "Nap time and mean sarcasm hour"

    We teach that laziness will give you white hair and bad legs/blind eye/scarred hand/ sociopathism, it's the best lessons evar!
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    I pay for my clothes, work for my money, all that good stuff... I use my parents for the tv, and internet B)
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    I used to be a scout leader catering to the demanding age group of 11-15. Our group has always been co-ed, which is more fun, but also requires more attention. We weren't a traditional group mind you. None of that help-old-ladies-cross-the-street nonsense. No! We had LAN-parties and illegal abseiling-from-bridges-at-night-trips instead ^^

    @demman: lol!
    How independent have you managed to be so far? Did you pay for your breakfast this morning? The clothes you are wearing? Your education? Your home?

    None of us are independent. At some point we are going to need others. That is why it's good to help out. If everybody thought like: "scew you guys, I'm not getting anything out of it." Then the world would really be a miserable place.

    In fact. I wonder if we could play on any Minecraft server, at all, ever :B
  10. demman8's Avatar
    I guess I'm famous where I live. The police are always watching me! I'm called a medowhile or something like that....

    For reals, Well... I hate helping others, since I believe in independence. They don't help me, I don't help them. Ever. I do help other students when we do stuff with computers. Since, well, my grade is smart, but moronic.