1. Wow - guess who?

    Guess who it is! Well, I just logged onto the Vanilla Server for the first time in about two years. I can only apologise for leaving another project unfinished, it's becoming quite the occurrence! Ya'll are doing great.

    I am now 21, weird right? I was 12 when I joined and I'm still lurking around the forums every so often. I've just completed my bachelors degree in Linguistics and I am going on to do my masters degree in Diplomacy and Global Ethics in September, sounds more interesting ...
  2. Update Time!

    Hey All!

    Long time no see, just thought i'd stop in for a quick update.

    Well, I'm 17 now (18 in July) and am preparing for my exams in June for English Language, these exams determine whether i'll be off to university or not in September. I have no way of playing minecraft at the moment, but the future is looking light now i'm earning more money than I did before.

    I drive now, yeah, I passed my driving test first time, so I have full access to a huge chunk ...
  3. Yo


    Long time no see! Well, now its Summer in the UK (Despite all the rain), and well that means 6 weeks to do whatever the hell I want.

    I've lost interest in Minecraft now, but ARK and a few other games are catching my attention. So you may see me around the servers, and perhaps lurking on the forums. I've been saving for a computer, but I still have a while left before I can afford a decent one, so hold in there.

    Little update in my life, turned 17 on ...
  4. School Holidays!

    Well, most of the people in the U.K. Broke up today. Including me, I now have a 6 Week Holiday! Expect to see me on the FTB/AMP server for around 15 hours straight (each day:P)
  5. Science Accident!

    I have one thing to say. Don't give me hydrochloric acid. Well, I was in science, doing my normal experiment. With hydrochloric acid, and someone knocked me, I split HYDROCHLORIC acid all over my hand. Jesus, it burnt. Now Most of my skin looks like it's cut. If I type slowly you now know why
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