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  1. qedof's Avatar
    That is so cool!!! I'm truly energized for you, can hardly wait to hear how things go later on!
  2. LegendOfAir's Avatar
    That is so cool!!! I'm really excited for you, can't wait to hear how things go in the future!
  3. Heptagon_ru's Avatar
    Awesome! Congratulations! Best wishes!
    Make this rocket a success so USA finally get their own heavy rocket and Russia finally have to stop sitting on USSR legacy and start doing something new! DD :-P
  4. InsaneJ's Avatar
    That is awesome! Really happy to hear this good news
  5. Jiro_89's Avatar
    Good work DOM! That's awesome! I'm glad things are working out the way you want
  6. Vikusha's Avatar
    Congrats~~! Yaaaay )) That's right! no matter what never give up looking! You never know where you might end up in the end!
  7. boya0910's Avatar
    Haha congrats DOM! If you ever start doing space tours make sure I'm first on the list ;P
  8. Rainnmannx's Avatar
    Congrats!! So that's why you were practicing in kerbal today??? =P Getting paid to do something you love is the best
  9. Elbe97's Avatar
    Woo! DaOrkMasta has become DaRocketMasta I wish you luck!

    ...aand maybe one day?

  10. ethe334's Avatar
  11. InsaneJ's Avatar
    W00000!!! A message from the DOM ^^
  12. demman8's Avatar
    I could attempt to learn java. xD. I'd most likely fail learning, but nonetheless, effort is everything!
  13. wordie101's Avatar
    I feel so important now no it's fine WE all done so much have other idea for extensions and projects for housing and community areas and a transport system using the trains mod ..nearly filled the a4pad I had brought in to make notes and sketch on ...lots of buildings and floor plans ... And material combinations but as Dom reducing his work load means more for all of us to do hehe
  14. wordie101's Avatar
    I know how you feel ,,... I'm lay in a hospital bed thinking how could recreate the room in micro blocks lol ...but good luck on whatever you decide...and I will put myself forward for building projects as soon as get out of this place ...trying to learn programming while lay in this bed but every time I nod off I forget what I've done lol
    anyway I will be doing more admin stuff when get out of here for few weeks anyway as wont be moving from my room lol so forum and server work for me ...and maybe some more recording YAY!!! ...good luck Dom and see you the servers soon
  15. InsaneJ's Avatar
    I'm strangely getting used to these periodic "I am going to take it easy" posts of yours so no worries

    I wonder who will step up to help out with projects and server stuff. We could really use some people with Java experience to help code the plugin. Some more builders to help with our new super secret super server. And someone who has natural seniority to help out as administrator.

    I've setup a public application for the position of admin. Anyone interested please continue reading here:
  16. demman8's Avatar
    I had a minecraft addiction myself back in the summer. I had one session where I didn't sleep for almost 3 days... Luckily, being a certified therapist, I got out of the trend.
  17. DOM's Avatar
    Oooops forgot. Sorry wordie. In my defense, I wrote this on a hurry before my class and I didn't have coffe yet. Actually I liked wordie's design so much that I'm using it for the shed. So there, wordie is important now.
  18. InsaneJ's Avatar
    I love you ^^

    Btw, don't forget wordie. He build the house and did a lot of work on the tree farm and biomass/biofuel production
  19. talon6758's Avatar
    Aww, I miss DOM in Small World. Also, has anyone seen Nexy_Boy on lately? A bit of his arena was removed exposing some redstone. I used co-inspect and apperently it was a fire. I don't want to rebuild it cause I might mess it up.
  20. talon6758's Avatar
    Why do you get a giant wall to protect your place? Why don't we all get one?? Anyway, it doesn't really matter to me. I have a furnace activated door =)
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