1. I am a rocket scientist now! (Doesn't mean I am any smarter than before)

    Heyo fellow HappyDiggers!

    Never in my wildest dreams could I have expected my career to turn out the way it has so far. Ok... A little back story...

    I come from a very hard working, lower to mid, middle class family. I was the second person in my direct family (after my mother) to receive a degree from a college. In saying this, I did not expect to be invited to any opportunity usually reserved for the top, best-of-the-best privileged people. That thought was recently ...
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  2. Rebuilding the wall

    Some of you guys may have seen the giant wall that is in the Western part of the Small World map, but not every1 knew that it was mine. This is one of the bigger projects that I have ever done legit in minecraft (the other being the dome).

    As of a couple of days ago I started working on the wall again and was not happy with the way that it looked. SO... I tore it down and started over! The current design is to my liking and also will be mob proof upon completion (of course they will ...
  3. My Minecraft Decision

    Wow... Its been a few weeks since I've actually enjoyed playing Minecraft. This is from all of the server admin stuff that I've been involved with and my busy weekend schedule. Recently this week, I took a few days break away from anything Minecraft related (no coding, no research, no playing) and I actually noticed that I had been very stressed while doing all of that stuff. I couldn't think straight, I would sit in my office for an entire day, I gained a few pounds, I was neglecting my loved ones, ...
  4. Addicted to FTB

    Recently I have played a lot of Feed the Beast on the FTB server...

    Some things that I have done:

    • set up a temporary base
    • played with breeding bees (and got pretty good at it)
    • built automatic wheat farm and tree farm
    • completed the diamond factory in the nether
    • started to get resources for my bio-fuel project
    • built a coke oven and a blast furnace
    • made a full enchanting station

    This is a small list because I cant remember everything I have done... ...
  5. Nether Station (Vanilla)

    The current progress of the Nether Station Project on the Vanilla server. One of the terminals (in the f=0 direction) is wired up and running. I am very excited for this project to be finished. My intention is to have easier transportation to each other's areas to encourage play time and reduce the dreaded "DEATH WALK."

    View from the staircase (will lead to expansion in the future):
    Name:  Nether Hub 1.png
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    I have claimed one of the tunnels and so has RJ: ...