1. My Minecraft "Career"

    "Hello Everyone," (A phrase most on you guys have heard me say)

    This week I have made a stark realization and plan on taking some action in the near future. This past week I have been working and in school for over 14 hours a day. Even though this was stressful, I was more worried about my "life" in minecraft instead of the real world problems. As friday showed up on my doorstep, that feeling was gone and I felt free.

    Taking this past week into consideration and decoding ...
  2. Back into FTB

    For a little while I did not play on the FTB server, but now it seems that is all I am playing on (minecraft related). So for the people that don't play with us on that server I wanted to make a small update on our progress.

    Most of the players are living in a house at spawn, we share all of our resources and help each other build great things to make playing more fun. We have an almost limitless amount of both EU (industrialcraft energy) and MJ (buildcraft) thanks to Sverf, InsaneJ ...
  3. Other Games and HappyGuilds Plugin Page

    Recently I have been playing other games in between coding the plugin and... well... that's all I'm really doing these days... These other games have been helping me cool down from what I call "coding brain!" (The aftermath of coding for hours straight: seeing code, not eating, forgetting to shower, etc.)

    Those games include old games that I have always loved to play:
    • OGame
    • Spore
    • Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 + 3
    • Skyrim
    • Oblivion
    • Morrowind
    • Sim City

    And ...
  4. Coding Break

    As some of you guys know, I've been writing the plugin that we are planning on using on the Secret Project. This has been a nonstop endeavour for me these past few days specifically. But, tomorrow I'm taking a break from it for the day.

    After a very long day of programming today, I headed off to class. After I had left the apartment and gotten into my car I noticed that I was not feeling well and started to wonder why... I then remembered that I had only coffee all day long and I ...
  5. Coding Frenzy!

    For the next few days I plan on streaming what I am doing to make the new HappyGuilds plugin. Today was the first look any1 got at the current progress on the code. Lots of learning going on in my head during the process, so I'm not good at what I'm doing. I have already taken several tries at everything in the code and I am debugging as I go.

    Lots of progress will be made in the next few days, and I am more confident with what I'm doing. That is the reason why I chose to wait to ...
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