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  1. Rebuilding the wall

    Some of you guys may have seen the giant wall that is in the Western part of the Small World map, but not every1 knew that it was mine. This is one of the bigger projects that I have ever done legit in minecraft (the other being the dome).

    As of a couple of days ago I started working on the wall again and was not happy with the way that it looked. SO... I tore it down and started over! The current design is to my liking and also will be mob proof upon completion (of course they will ...
  2. Youtube Plans

    Hey y'all! I've done some thinking about how I want to continue my YouTube channel and have come up with an idea that might be good for everyone. My plan starts with creating a new single player world in 1.5. This is gonna be very different from what I have done in the past as I plan on involving the viewer in everything that is done on that world. All interesting stuff will be filmed and posted to YouTube, while everything in between will be streamed on Twitch. I think that this will be a fun experience ...
  3. My Minecraft Decision

    Wow... Its been a few weeks since I've actually enjoyed playing Minecraft. This is from all of the server admin stuff that I've been involved with and my busy weekend schedule. Recently this week, I took a few days break away from anything Minecraft related (no coding, no research, no playing) and I actually noticed that I had been very stressed while doing all of that stuff. I couldn't think straight, I would sit in my office for an entire day, I gained a few pounds, I was neglecting my loved ones, ...
  4. Towny Spotlight

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    OK! So now that the Towny is up, J and I have been adding things here and there to bring up the excitement level of the server. J added in the Spleef Arena while I did lots of tweaking with the Mob Arena (class additions, balancing, bug removal, prize changes) and everything seems to be working great!

    Starting last night, I made little changes to the Spleef config:

    • Reduced price to 1 to enter
    • removed some "trash" prizes
    • balanced
  5. Super Secret Update

    If anyone was watching my all day today, they got a great view of the Super Secret. J and I worked all day to get things right and we are very confident in the work we have done. In my opinion, the project is functional (but we will be adding things). I plan on releasing it in the next day or two and making a video about it as well (haven't made a video in a while anyways)

    Hope you all enjoy!

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