1. Returning to Youtube again

    As many people have noticed, I havent been making any YouTube videos. This is credited to a lot of things in my life in the past few months: work, new kitten, school. Most of these problems have Ben solved and I now have a little bit of spare time to record future episodes.

    I have already recorded a Vanilla server episode and it is planned to release on Wednesday of this week. I will also start recording on the SkyBlock server and on the new Small World server with brand new series. ...
  2. Nether Station (Vanilla)

    The current progress of the Nether Station Project on the Vanilla server. One of the terminals (in the f=0 direction) is wired up and running. I am very excited for this project to be finished. My intention is to have easier transportation to each other's areas to encourage play time and reduce the dreaded "DEATH WALK."

    View from the staircase (will lead to expansion in the future):
    Name:  Nether Hub 1.png
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Size:  620.6 KB

    I have claimed one of the tunnels and so has RJ: ...
  3. YAY! Finally have my own Blog!

    Wow... where do I start?

    The past few weeks have been very busy for me. I have been working upwards of 40 hours a weeks, driving for 2-3 hours a day, and have classes in between. Also, I now have a new pet in the apartment, a kitten, and her name is Pepper.

    So yeah... Those are the excuses for my lack of involvement in the servers. I want to keep on working on the quests in the towny server, make some more videos, and play on the vanilla server, but my life has been ...
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