1. YouTube Planification

    Some of you may or may not heard that I will start recording for my brand new YouTube channel so I wanted to share or better say spoil a few plans I made.

    I will start recording next month when I will get a brand new headset to be sure the audio quality will be nice and clear and also because the old ones are "dead".

    What I plan to record in the first few videos:
    • Introduction video - reserved for other explanation like what I'll do on this channel
  2. First Blog and Future Plans

    Hello everyone! This is my first blog post i ever made on this website since its release... so I try to make it as good as I can.

    I've been doing a lot of stuff since I came back from my trip. Recently I've been playing on the Vanilla Server since my old PC can't handle FTB, so i wanted to make that one as good as I can for other people that want to give vanilla a chance again.

    I made the spawn house and a few farms around there with a little help from RJS1997 with ...