1. The Curse of Demman8!

    Well, I know Roadie, King, and perhaps noob know my curse by now. I can not have over 30 iron mined without dying... In the past 2 days I've lost over 300 iron, 50 gold, 20ish diamond, and a lot of diamond tools including
    4 diamond picks
    3 diamond swords
    2diamond shovels
    and 1 diamond axe...

    I even died RIGHT under king's house because of lag :S. I blocked up lava and is came through the cracks of cobble! Grrr. Now his house is cursed!

  2. Frankenstorm Knocked My Power Out!

    Well I posted a blog about sandy earlier. Hit me hard today. Lost power three times, last time lasting for 5 hours! School cancelled two days in a row! Anyone else have some sandy times? (pun! Sandy since east coast=beach, beach=sand)!

    If Patrick stopped making fun of Texas this would've never of happened...
  3. The End of Towny

    Well... I'm guessing if you're on here you've seen the bad news. After over a year the towny is going down. It had a good run. We will miss the great 30 slot server that has had a great community!

    List of people I remember from first server
    • me
    • dom
    • rjs
    • mrjrbacon
    • bnxboxman(?)
    • Zelphor
    • Anthony1617(though he griefed me)
    • Mortak
    • Lucas009(or somehting like that)
    • cammiman(somethign with cammi)
    • glassbucket(something like that, has a sweet house on a mountain)
    • and

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  4. The "FrankenStorm"

    Well, if you live in the east coast of USA then you've heard of it. It's a Level(?) 2 hurricane right now. It's supposed to skim Florida, but on Tuesday it might smash into NYC, and a jetstream, and a coldfront... It may stay near New York for 5 days... And guess who lives 2 hours away from NYC?

  5. I Made A Mod! Well... Kinda...

    Well, today I only had half a school day and had some fun watching some tutorials. And guess what? I made a mod that adds a set of tools, armor, ore, and diamond like thing! How awesome? Would post pics, but I haven't sent it to my desktop yet. Will add tomorrow! If you want to check it out then well... PM MEH!
    Anyways, it adds ruby based items. Since I like ruby... and red... It is in between iron and diamond. I think... Well.. At least it works!

    I did make the sword stronger ...

    Updated 18th October 2012 at 05:23 by demman8

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