1. 1 year anniversary!

    Well, the server has been up over a year now! If I'm correct it was for a 256 subscriber special? I remember back when Zel, and Anthony were in a all out war against me...

    Anyways, congrats to dom, and keeping the servers up for over a year, and J for adding even more fun! ANNIVERSARY PARTY!!!

    Found video
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  2. My New House! (Minecraft of course)

    Well I started a new house. It was looking great! Till I got to the walls... xD

    Overview of the house. You can see how I should've put the roof one block higher... The one part I like is the porch

    Front view- You can see the doors and stuff. The interior is yet to be started. You can also see the window formation below the roof
  3. What subject(s) did you or do you like in school?

    I like science. Probably more than math. I mainly like Botany when it comes to certain subjects. Plants are very interesting. Back 6 years ago I planted a avocado plants for fun. To think it's still growing today... The science teacher I have now is great when it comes to the science I like. Right now we're growing wheat as a project. By the end of the school year my 30 seeds or in wheat's case, berries, better be a farm... How awesome would that be? Heheheh. Make a mini canal with a good enough ...
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