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  1. Hacker hits Stormwind

    An in-game exploit in World of Warcraft caused players and NPCs to get killed in certain realms in large cities. Blizzard sais they have fixed the problem.

    The exploit was revealed last Sunday when people on the Blizzard forum started complaining about suddenly being killed. How many players and NPCs were killed is unclear.

    One thing's for sure, this exploit has made many people very unhappy. Let's hope they catch ...
  2. Can you guess what this thing was used for?

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    It looks like some sort of a gun, or an unpleasant medical instrument. Or maybe something that was used in the kitchen to make yummy things.

    Can you figure it out? It is of course none of these things

    The device above is called an eprouvette. It's a device that was used to measure the strength of gunpowder. You'd fill the device with gun powder, then fire it, and the explosion in the barrel would push the gauge out. The further ...
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