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  1. The Curse of Demman8!

    Well, I know Roadie, King, and perhaps noob know my curse by now. I can not have over 30 iron mined without dying... In the past 2 days I've lost over 300 iron, 50 gold, 20ish diamond, and a lot of diamond tools including
    4 diamond picks
    3 diamond swords
    2diamond shovels
    and 1 diamond axe...

    I even died RIGHT under king's house because of lag :S. I blocked up lava and is came through the cracks of cobble! Grrr. Now his house is cursed!

  2. Multiple Server Work

    Recently I have been jumping between 4 worlds in Minecraft.

    1. HappyDiggers Vanilla Server: Along with some help form Ryanyo007, I have made huge progress on the Nether Station. Ill 4 terminals are wired, most of the aesthetics have been finished (thx ryan), and all design has been completed. There is, however, a lot of work to be done: finish the floors, make it ghast-proof, lay down the tracks, wire the tracks, make it look better... Anyways, lots of work still needs to go into ...

    Updated 27th November 2012 at 21:36 by DOM (added work on Small World Server)

  3. Recent Stuffz

    Writing a blog while I wait for my car to be serviced. Getting new tires, oil change, etc.

    This past week has been very full. I worked 12 hour shifts every weekday, Thursday was Thanksgiving, which is a really big holiday for my family, and Friday was my day to relax from all the stress if the week. Saturday most of you saw me on the Small World server, digging my hole...

    I have a very open schedule for the upcoming week. I plan on playing on all servers, make improvements ...
  4. Wordie101's 1st episode of the vannila server is now live

    episode 1 of my lets play series on the vanilla server ......

    sad start but please keep watching

    Updated 19th November 2012 at 15:36 by wordie101

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  5. Mother battles against video game addiction

    GLUED is a short film about a mother who tries to deal with her video game addicted son. He's so addicted at some point he tries to control real life objects with a joystick. Although at the end I'm not exactly sure which one of the two is more crazy

    Watch and have fun
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