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  1. My Minecraft Decision

    Wow... Its been a few weeks since I've actually enjoyed playing Minecraft. This is from all of the server admin stuff that I've been involved with and my busy weekend schedule. Recently this week, I took a few days break away from anything Minecraft related (no coding, no research, no playing) and I actually noticed that I had been very stressed while doing all of that stuff. I couldn't think straight, I would sit in my office for an entire day, I gained a few pounds, I was neglecting my loved ones, ...
  2. Mother battles against video game addiction

    GLUED is a short film about a mother who tries to deal with her video game addicted son. He's so addicted at some point he tries to control real life objects with a joystick. Although at the end I'm not exactly sure which one of the two is more crazy

    Watch and have fun