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  1. Rebuilding the wall

    Some of you guys may have seen the giant wall that is in the Western part of the Small World map, but not every1 knew that it was mine. This is one of the bigger projects that I have ever done legit in minecraft (the other being the dome).

    As of a couple of days ago I started working on the wall again and was not happy with the way that it looked. SO... I tore it down and started over! The current design is to my liking and also will be mob proof upon completion (of course they will ...
  2. Multiple Server Work

    Recently I have been jumping between 4 worlds in Minecraft.

    1. HappyDiggers Vanilla Server: Along with some help form Ryanyo007, I have made huge progress on the Nether Station. Ill 4 terminals are wired, most of the aesthetics have been finished (thx ryan), and all design has been completed. There is, however, a lot of work to be done: finish the floors, make it ghast-proof, lay down the tracks, wire the tracks, make it look better... Anyways, lots of work still needs to go into ...

    Updated 27th November 2012 at 21:36 by DOM (added work on Small World Server)