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  1. What subject(s) did you or do you like in school?

    I like science. Probably more than math. I mainly like Botany when it comes to certain subjects. Plants are very interesting. Back 6 years ago I planted a avocado plants for fun. To think it's still growing today... The science teacher I have now is great when it comes to the science I like. Right now we're growing wheat as a project. By the end of the school year my 30 seeds or in wheat's case, berries, better be a farm... How awesome would that be? Heheheh. Make a mini canal with a good enough ...
  2. my youtube vids ( latest is re=vmds)

    here is a link to my new vid its short and a bit random but would like you to sub me please and like a few of my vids ... as i will all yours so here is yesterdays ...and please note im quite rusty so last vid not as good as could be but give it a go anyway ok ....more to come asap

    anyway have a look and lets see where it goes
  3. The Curse of Demman8!

    Well, I know Roadie, King, and perhaps noob know my curse by now. I can not have over 30 iron mined without dying... In the past 2 days I've lost over 300 iron, 50 gold, 20ish diamond, and a lot of diamond tools including
    4 diamond picks
    3 diamond swords
    2diamond shovels
    and 1 diamond axe...

    I even died RIGHT under king's house because of lag :S. I blocked up lava and is came through the cracks of cobble! Grrr. Now his house is cursed!

  4. Happy One Year Anniversary of the Public Forums!

    Well, it's been a year since the forums were up for the members to play on. Don't mean to brag, but I was the first person other than DOM on here...


    Updated 5th January 2013 at 23:31 by demman8

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  5. My Minecraft "Career"

    "Hello Everyone," (A phrase most on you guys have heard me say)

    This week I have made a stark realization and plan on taking some action in the near future. This past week I have been working and in school for over 14 hours a day. Even though this was stressful, I was more worried about my "life" in minecraft instead of the real world problems. As friday showed up on my doorstep, that feeling was gone and I felt free.

    Taking this past week into consideration and decoding ...
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