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    by Published on 10th August 2012 18:03

    Basic Server rules
    These apply to all servers unless specified otherwise (Ark Exempt - See Below).
    • Respect staff and other players
    • Bad language, swearing, cursing: NOT allowed
    • Stealing: NOT allowed
    • PVP: Only allowed if all parties agree to it. Use chat to make this clear (logs).
    • Grief: NOT allowed
    • Asking for stuff/OP/mod/TP/items/materials/etc: NOT allowed
    • Don't argue with the staff on the server. If you want to make your case, use the forum.

    TerraFirmaCraft and TechnodeFirmaCraft server specific rules
    No chunk loaders allowed. Any kind of chunk loading without the player present must be avoided.
    Player builds server CPU usage are fair use. Staff will determine what is fair use. If one of your builds lags the server, you may be asked to change things.
    Each Town may have a maximum of:
    • 20 adult animals total. Each animal needs to be in its own 16x16 pen in it own chunk fenced in, the fence can have small sections for gates.
    • 1024 blocks of soil farmland or berry bushes combined. This means 512 blocks of farm land and 512 bushes, or 1000 blocks of farm land and 24 bushes. They may be in more multiple areas, but 1024 max. Can be mixed between the two.
    • 16 fruit trees. (All kinds allowed: red apple, green apple, banana, peach, etc.)
    • 1 of each kind of anvil. (copper, bronze, wrought iron, steel, etc.)
    • 5 outposts
    • 5 /sethome point per player
    • no cool down on teleports.


    Jail time calculation
    If you break the rules you may be banned or put in jail. This to be determined at the staff's discretion. If you do get put in jail you will need to do time. The server will let you know how much time. During this time you may not idle or go afk and may be forced to perform menial labor in the mines or scrub latrines. Alternatively we could just ban you and get it over with 5 minutes before your time is up. Y'know, just out of spite

    Ark: Suvival Evolved Basic Rules
    • Respect staff and other players
    • Stealing: NOT allowed
    • PVP: Only allowed if all parties agree to it. Use chat to make this clear (logs).
    • Grief: NOT allowed
    • Asking for stuff/OP/mod/TP/items/materials/etc: NOT allowed
    • Don't argue with the staff on the server. If you want to make your case, use the forum.
    • Server specific rules are listed on the Ark Servers Thread.

    About the donor servers

    Server IP addresses

    TerraFirmaCraft based servers
    You can connect to all of these servers through the lobby server. Our TerraFirmaCraft servers only requires you to have the TFC mod installed.
    Server name IP and port Server travel command Dynmap Description
    Lobby lobby.happydiggers.net:4000 /server lobby N/A The Lobby server gives access to all the TFC based server. It has a ton of mini games you can play like paintball, spleef arena, mob arena, PVP arena, etc.
    Freebie TFC tfc.happydiggers.net:4000 /server freebietfc https://tfc.happydiggers.net Our public non-whitelisted TFC server. It has a lot of plugins to make life more convenient.
    Jail jail.happydiggers.net:4000 /server jail N/A The jail server is where players are send who break the rules. Here they must serve their sentence and participate in menial labor.

    This server requires you to have the TechnodeFirmaCraft mod pack which is available on the ATLauncher. Once you have the AT Launcher you can search for the pack TechnodeFirmaCraft, create a new instance and then use the share code in the optional mods dialog to get the exact mod pack configuration you need to join our server.
    Server name IP and port TnFC version Share code Dynmap
    Freebie TnFC tnfc.happydiggers.net:3000 3.7.1 Use suggested mods.
    (remove the prattle and weather2 mods, set year length to 96 days)
    If you have issues can disable Custom Main Menu see if that helps.
    To play on our server you can get TnFC on the ATLauncher and select the following options:
    • 96 Days
    • HQM Quest Line
    • Streams
    • INpureCore
    • Waila
    • Waila Harvestability
    • Damage Indicators
    • Inventory Tweaks
    • ItemPhysic

    If you wish you can install optional mods (listed in a green font) like Dynamic Lights, Better Foliage, Presence Footsteps. Just whatever you do don't install Prattle.

    Then manually download these mods and put them in the mods folder of your TnFC instance. It's usually located in the ATLauncher\instances folder in whatever name you gave your TnFC instance.


    Regular Minecraft servers
    Server name IP and port Description
    HappyDiggers MC mc.happydiggers.net This server has multipe worlds:
    -Spawn world is land of floating islands.
    -EarthBound is a custom generated landscape.
    -Creative lets players build in creative mode.

    Dynmap http://mc.happydiggers.net/
    HappyDiggers Snapshot snapshot.happydiggers.net:25566 Note: the map is reset with each new snapshot or release.
    Dynmap: not available
    This one has some specific rules.

    • PVP: allowed
    • Grief: allowed
    • Stealing: allowed
    • Bad language, swearing, cursing: BAN!
    • Asking for stuff/OP/mod/TP/items/materials: BAN!

    VIP servers

    These servers are for our VIP members only.
    Server name IP and port Description
    Feed The Beast ftb.happydiggers.net:25574 Currently running HappyDiggers AMP 1.9.6
    Vanilla vanilla.happydiggers.net:2020 Runs Vanilla minecraft. No mods, no plugins.

    ARK: Survival Evolved

    This is NOT a Minecraft server, obviously ) You can get ARK on Steam or any of the other digital resellers.
    Server name IP and port Forum page with more info
    HappyDiggers PvE Extinction ark.happydiggers.net:27015 link
    HappyDiggers PvE Valguero ark.happydiggers.net:28015 link
    HappyDiggers PvE Crystal Isles ark.happydiggers.net:29015 link

    Starbound: Frackin' Universe Custom Mod Pack

    Server name IP and port Description
    HappyDiggers Starbound starbound.happydiggers.net:6096 Currently running the HappyDiggers Starbound Mod Collection


    We use this to talk to each other. No need to give out your Skype username to strangers
    Server name URL Software
    Teamspeak ts.happydiggers.net TeamSpeak 3.x
    Discord https://discord.me/happydiggers Web browser or Discord App