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  • How to use older or newer versions of Minecraft

    This tutorial has become obsolete.
    You can use the regular Minecraft launcher to player older and newer (snapshot) versions of Minecraft.

    This article describes how you play with older or newer versions of Minecraft. This usually involves manually installing a newly updated Minecraft client that has been made available by Mojang as a snapshot. Snapshots are never installed through the standard Minecraft launcher.

    With this article you should be able to install new snapshots, but also to play on older Minecraft servers. Right now 1.4.2 is the current Minecraft release. With this article you should also be able to, for example, install 1.2.5 and play on older servers.

    Scroll down for the section on how to install older versions of Minecraft.

    A new snapshot server has been made available. You can use this to test new things before they end up in the release version.

    The server will get a new snapshot version each week. Each snapshot will get a new world so don't plan on starting large projects on this server.

    You can reach the server at: snapshot.happydiggers.net:25566

    The server runs without mods and without whitelist. If we have trouble with griefing it may change to the same whitelist as the Vanilla server.

    Snapshot Installation Stuff
    To play on this server you need to install the same snapshot as the server is running. You can see the current version in the subject of this thread and in the MOTD of the snapshot server(more on this below).

    You can install snapshots manually, or use a convenient program for it. I'll describe the convenient way for Windows users here. For this you need Digiex Minecraft Launcher (mclauncher.exe). You can download it here: http://digiex.net/minecraft/mcvtool/
    For me the .NET version was a bit buggy, so stick with the Java version for now(click Windows, click Java Executable, click download). Download it to the same directory as where your minecraft.exe is stored. In my case C:\Games\Minecraft. But your location could be something completely different

    Then you need the latest and greatest Minecraft Snapshot. You can download it from http://www.mojang.com/ New snapshots will be available almost every week on friday. The current lastest version is 12w22a. When you download it, save it to your %appdata%\.minecraft\bin directory and rename it to minecraft-<version>.jar, in this case call it minecraft-12w22a.jar like in the screenshot below.

    Just type %appdata%\.minecraft\bin in the address bar, like in the top red rectangle. And type the file name like in the bottom rectangle.

    Now start mclauncher.exe. It will look a little bit like the original Minecraft launcher, but it has some extra options. Fill in your username and password like you normally would. Then you get to select which jar file to use. In our case 'minecraft-12w22a.jar' like in the screenshot below.

    Clock 'Login' and it will launch Minecraft while using the new snapshot. If you want to launch minecraft with the current release version, to play on the Towny and Vanilla server, you have quit Minecraft and start mclauncher.exe again and then choose 'minecraft.jar'. Or you can just start Minecraft like you've always done before, without mclauncher.exe.

    When you've started Minecraft, you can see the version you are running in the main menu like in the screenshot below:

    Like I said before, you can see the version the Snapshot Server is running in the MOTD. Below is what that looks like:

    Installing older versions of Minecraft
    To install older Minecraft clients like 1.3.2 you can use the Options button in the Digiex launcher.

    This will bring up a new window where you can start the JAR downloader.

    With this you can download and install older versions of Minecraft.

    After the download has finished you should be able to start the digiex launcher and select the version you have downloaded.

    If you have any questions, post them in this thread on our forums
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