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  • Prison Server is now AVAILABLE

    After weeks of hard work, our new prison server is finally ready for business. It's a public server anyone can play on.

    The goal is to earn your freedom. In prison you have to work hard to level up and earn new privileges. With each new level you achieve, more areas in the prison become available to you. Until finally you earn your freedom!

    Please read the rules at spawn and down below... you'll know what that means when you get there. Reading the rules will help you know what is expected of you in prison.

    A few things you should know is that a lot of things are considered contraband in prison. Guards will try to confiscate illegal contraband from you. Also PVP is allowed in many areas, so watch your backs and enjoy !!!

    IP: prison.happydiggers.net:25571
    Dynmap: http://prison.happydiggers.net
    Acces: Open to anyone as long as you follow our rules.
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